Why Dubrovnik Summer Festival is an Unforgettable Event in Croatia

Started way back in the year 1950, Dubrovnik Summer Festival is an amazing event held annually in Dubrovnik. In the summer calendar of Croatia, it is perhaps the most important and popular festival. The events are held at a range of open-air locations around Dubrovnik’s Old Town. Folk music, dance, art exhibitions, ballet, folklore, film, theatre plays and exotic foods are the main attraction of this festival. The event runs from the mid-July to August. Although, in most of the events the entry is entirely free. However, for the bigger events you need to purchase tickets. Ticket prices vary depending on the performance, venue and seating position.

Dubrovnik Summer Festival

During this time, the entire city is transformed into a stage. This year, the Dubrovnik Summer Festival is going to be held for the 68th time. The correlation this festival maintains between modernity and tradition is phenomenal. Thousands of tourists and locals thronged into this city to get a glimpse of this fun-packed celebratory occasion. Dubrovnik Summer Festival, over the years have been functioned as a stage where artistic creations met with new ideas. People exchange their views, thoughts and innovative ideas with one another.

With its enviable extraordinary Mediterranean gardens and Adriatic seafront location, Dubrovnik is a fantastic place to visit. Apart from entering the city via public transport or car, it is suggested to come to this place from the water ways. You just need to hire boat from providers of boat rental services in Croatia and set for this place. The main reason you should take waterways is that, all the major performing stages are situated quite close when you enter the city from waterways. Not only that, you can explore all the colors, pomp, and spectacular sceneries of the festival from the water. You can watch breathtaking firework display on a boat just outside the old harbor – magnificent and well away from the huge crowds in the town.

Types of Boats You Can Hire in Greece

Surrounded by the Aegean and the Ionian Sea, the European country that is remarkably devoted to boating and sailing is Greece. Ionians, Dodecanese, Cyclades, and Sporades are the fascinating islands of Greece and the perfect destination for a memorable sailing vacation.

If you have a fascination for sailing, it is the ideal destination. An idyllic climate blended with perfect breeze make this place a sailor’s paradise. Most of the sailing trips are focused on island hopping, tasting the exotic sea food, taking pictures of this picturesque landscape and enjoying the late night beach parties.

Types of Boats you can Hire in Greece

Greece has always had a deeply rooted affiliation to sailing, this is what makes this place a home of the best boat rental service providers. Renting a boat in Greece is easy and the service providers offer all kinds of boats according to the needs and budget of the sailors.

Let’s take a look at some of the types of boats that you can rent in Greece.


Balanced on two hulls with the sails in the middle, catamaran is a traditional sailing-boat. Catamarans can be sail or motor-powered. Consisted of a main cabin, a cockpit and a separate relaxing room, catamarans are perfect choice for sailing in the shallow water as well as in the deep waters.


Gulets usually have 5 to 8 cabins and come with a professional crew. Gullets are suitable for anchoring to the coasts. It is easier to find the bays and missed creeks with Gulets. If you are sailing in a group, you must hire a Gulet.


Any type of engine-powered boat that is designed for super-fast boating can be called speed boat. They are perfect choice for exciting water sports and adventures. You could enjoy an amazing high-speed journey on a speedboat. Moreover, they are quite cheap to rent.

Renowned for their historic significance and breathtaking sceneries, Greece is the most attractive in the Mediterranean. You can relish a single voyage for the rest of your life and with the help of Greece boat rental companies you can make it even more memorable. Plan your journey for Greece now.

List of Items You Must Carry to Make your Sailing Trip Enjoyable & Safe

Italy is surrounded by the Mediterranean, Tyrrhenian, Ionian, Adriatic and Ligurian seas. The most pleasant way to explore the exhilarating water bodies of Italy, with nothing but the winds in the sails of a boat.

Aeolian Islands in Sicily

Ideal sailing destinations in Italy are:

  • The island of Ponza in Latina
  • The Aeolian islands in Sicily
  • Tuscany’s Elba Island
  • The Island of Capri
  • The Archipelago Della Maddalena between Corsica and Sardinia

The best possible way of spending your vacation is by touring the islands in a boat especially, during the pleasant months of summer. You can refresh and revitalized your spirit by heading out to sea. You can easily and affordably hire a boat from Italy boat rental services and set for sailing.

Whether you are taking a long trip or a short one, there are few things you must check off your list first before commencing a boating trip.

list of things to check off

  • Make sure the registration of your boat is current before you set out on the water. Keep in mind that boating rules in Italy can be complicated to understand. Check your state laws before you head out on your boat. It is better if you take help from the government authorities.
  • It is our skin that gets heavily exposed to the scorching sun on a sailing trip. So be sure to pack sunscreen and some sun-protective clothing as well.
  • Have plenty of liquid arrangements on the boat. It’s a good idea to keep the water in several convenient spots on board, so everyone grabs. Be responsible with the alcoholic beverages.
  • Boating is an exciting experience but to be on the safe side it is better carry a basic first-aid kit packed with basics such as antibiotic cream, bandages, over-the-counter painkillers, bug repellent and portable cold and warm compresses mean you’re ready in case of emergency.

Boating can be fun and full of excitement and you could make it even more memorable by complying with all the safety measures. A little preparation goes a long way, so think it through and make a list.

How to Avoid Crowd on the Beaches of Croatia

Boating on the fascinating beaches of Croatia is a rewarding experience. To make it even more perfect try to avoid the crowded shorelines. In the morning, tourists as well the locals make a beeline at the beaches. There are more than fifty glorious beaches located all over Croatia but finding the peace and tranquillity can be challenging. But it is possible to beat the rush by following the tips given below.

Croatia Boat Rental

Be there early-
It is a great idea to hit the surfing spots as early as possible. There is nothing like watching the sun rise over the ocean and capturing the moment. It is simply priceless to be on the beach in the morning. Experts of the boat rental services in Croatia suggest to hit the beach in the morning to enjoy it peacefully and quietly before the crowds started to invade the sandy shores. Usually, it is after twelve in the morning people gather, so if you wish to experience a serene and calming experience, be the first one to get there.

Avoid popular beaches-
Although it may sound a bit wired but if you don’t want to face the crowd, go for the less popular beaches of Croatia. You can get perfect boating experience without facing noise and mob. For a general rule, the most crowded beaches are located in the metro cities, so go for the beaches that are situated far from the metro. You can easily get there by cycling or by bus from the main cities of Croatia.

Go for kayaking and hiking-
These two are the best water activities to avoid the jam-packed beaches. Select a beautiful waterway inside the city and go for the kayaking or hiking. You are sure to have a magnificent boating experience without any sort of disturbance or interruptions. It is a good idea to search on the net to get information about the fascinating water spots inside the city. There are many secluded hideaway beaches and water bodies dotted all around Croatia and you are surely going to find one of them.

When it comes to relaxation, nothing beats the pleasure of taking a boat and hit the water far from the madding crowd. Relaxing under the gentle sunshine and discovering fabulous sceneries all around Croatia are truly amazing experience if you manage to avoid mobs.

Top Four Tourist Hotspots that You Must Visit in Greece

Renowned for its sunny beaches, ancient ruins, friendly atmosphere and amazing cuisine, it is no wonder that Greece is considered among Europe’s finest travel spot. The joy you get by experiencing Greek holidays is simply incomparable. Along with exquisite food you could enjoy long crystal Greek beaches and the relaxing beach taverns. Let us take a look at some of the top Greek hotspots that you must visit.

Acropolis, Athens

One of the most famous ancient fortresses situated on a rocky projection just above the city called Athens is the Acropolis of Athens. It is undoubtedly a place you visit during your vacation in Greece. As it is situated in the city centre, visitors can easily access the archaeological site of Acropolis. Athens also has two of Greece’s top museums and it is the most renowned transportation hub to the Greek islands.

Acropolis Athens

Cape Sounion

Cape Sounion sits at the southernmost point of mainland Greece outside Athens. In addition to the promontory’s legendary importance, there are also ancient ruins you can visit nearby. The site is the most popular half day excursion from Athens, not only for its great archaeological interest but for the scenic drive along the coastal road of the Saronic Gulf as well. The Temple of Poseidon at Sounion is surely a great place to experience glorious history of Greece.

Cape Sounion


The most dramatic of all the Greek islands, Santorini conjures images of stark white buildings against a bright blue Aegean Sea. The island is a volcanic caldera that is visited by millions of visitors every year. Santorini’s top archaeological attractions are the towns of Fira and Oia. They are considered as the prime romantic destinations especially popular for weddings and honeymoons. To explore the full beauty of this place it suggested to take boat from the boat rental services in Greece and begin a memorable water journey.

Santorini Greece


It is the most famous cosmopolitan and glamorous island of Greece. Renowned for its classy seafood restaurants, breathtaking sceneries and excellent boutique hotels, it is one of the Europe’s top summer destinations. Mykonos is also the jumping-off point for the archaeological site of the nearby island of Delos.


Greece is amazing for its beaches that are consistently place in the top ten for best European beaches and best beaches overall. Every island in Greece has its own unique appeal and charm.

Sailing Regulations in Croatia That You Must Know

Refreshing breeze and wonderfully indented coastline of Croatia attract thousands of boating lovers every year in this country. The pristine beaches along with their crystal clear water provide ideal sailing conditions. But before hitting the water it is good to know the laws and regulations on sailing in Croatia.

rent a boat in Croatia

Sailing Regulations to Maintain in Croatia

  • According to the Croatian sailing regulations, there has to be at least one certified skipper over 18 years old on the boat. The person must possess valid VHF and nautical licences. The skipper should be capable of dealing with various adverse situation such as handling a boat in close quarters, response properly during an emergency, able to use advanced navigation instruments and techniques.
  • If you want to rent a boat in Croatia and sail it on your own without taking assistance from a skipper, you need to produce a valid sailing license to the Croatian authority along with the documents of sailing experience. If you have a license issued in a foreign country it is suggested to verify it’s validity for Croatian territorial waters.
  • If you are entering to Croatia with your own vessel or yacht, you must register it at the very first port that is located on your entry point. You must register its arrival with the authorized port authority or harbour office by filling in the form “Registration of arrival and stay of foreign yachts or boats in the territorial sea and internal waters of the Republic of Croatia”.
  • If you are willing to stay on board of the yacht in Croatia, you need to register your yacht, at the harbormaster’s office and police station. Any fun related activity such as on board party, invitational events or other entertaining activities required to have additional permission.

In Croatia, the option of boating fleets are limitless and you could rent a boat at best price from the boat rental companies. You could go for:

  1. Sailing Boats
  2. Motor Boats
  3. Catamarans
  4. Luxury Yachts
  5. Gulets
  6. Mini Cruisers

By maintaining all the regulations and laws you can make your sailing in Croatia a memorable event.

A List of Some of the Beautiful Coastal Destinations in Italy

The exhilarating marine scenery and breathtaking landscapes of Italy are surely going to mesmerize you. This country is surrounded with dazzling water bodies Tyrrhenian Sea, Ionian Sea and the Adriatic Ocean, it is a perfect place where you can combine active sightseeing with leisure. The best possible way to explore this beautiful country and its gorgeous cities and villages is to travel the coast in a boat. For pleasure boating, Italy is a paradise.

Every city, town and village in Italy have their own individualism that can’t be matched elsewhere. In this blog, we are going to give you some interesting information on some decadent water destinations of Italy.

Amalfi Coast: Surrounded by water on all sides, Amalfi Coast has the busiest stretch of the coast curves. Visitors can fully grasp the dramatic cliffs and coastal scenery of this place by renting a boat in Italy and make a journey from Amalfi to Positano. Sailing in Amalfi Coast is a gateway to the magnificent summer towns that dangle over the sea.

Amalfi Coast

Capri Islands: Situated off the Sorrento peninsula in southern Italy, it is one of the most picturesque and most visited locations. The island of Capri has many beautiful hotels from where you can have direct access to the beach. In the summer months, there are also frequent sea connections from Capri to the main towns of Amalfi and Positano.

Capri Islands

Tuscany: Tuscany requires a generous amount of time to visit and enjoy all of its seemingly infinite array of assets. Tuscany is consisted of seven islands Elba, Giglio, Giannutri, Capraia, Pianosa, Montecristo and Gorgona and their surrounding waters are under the protection of the Parco Nazionale Arcipelago Toscano, the first great marine park in Italy and for their environmental value it is the largest protected marine area in the Europe.

Pianosa Tuscany

Pontine Islands, Rome: With lots of authentic Italian atmosphere, cosy beach bars, fluorescent blue waters, great seafood and a range of activities, this is a fabulous destination for getting off the beaten track. It has maintained its intact and uncontaminated nature and sea.

Pontine Islands

Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia: The two regions are joined by a navigable canal Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia has most complete river navigation area. It requires an ample amount of time to explore the entire area.

Friuli Venezia Giulia

In Italy, your choice for sea is far from limited and the best way to unearth this magnificent region is to opt for boat rental services in Italy and set out for voyaging. Tourists can easily explore the area’s best beaches on their own.