What Kind of Boat Safety Tips are Crucial for Emergency Preparedness

Whether you’re fishing, hitting the ocean or cruising the glorious water bodies of Spain, it is really important to get prepared for any kind of emergency. You may think that the boat is in a top-class working order, covered by insurance and perfectly safe for sailing, but do keep in mind that emergencies can strike at any time and come in various forms and degrees of severity. Even after renting a boat at best price and carefully planning everything, problems can occur on the water any time. It is impossible to anticipate any danger, but what you can do is to prepare for dealing with the unexpected.

Carry safety equipment on board-
On top of life jackets for all, stock a complete first-aid kit, a tool kit, a horn or whistle, flares, a fire extinguisher, a marine VHF radio, an extra dock line or two and a throwable flotation device, at minimum. Remember to always keep a lookout for other boaters signaling distress or who are in need of assistance. If you have witnessed a distress signal or an emergency situation, you are required by law to help other boaters as long as it is safe to do so.

boat safety equipments

Conduct a safety drill-
Safety drills are paramount to your emergency preparedness. Simulating a real event such as a collision, man overboard, grounding, fire, boat taking on water, etc. is necessary to polish your disaster plans. If you find yourself in a boating emergency, you should remain calm. Try to properly assess the situation and take action according to the situation and if necessary, signal your need for help using a recognized distress signal.

safety drill on boat

Make a float plan-
A float plan is a document you leave with someone on shore describing your boat, equipment, itinerary and passengers. In an emergency, a float plan can help guide search and rescue teams.

Call the Coast Guard-
You can make contact with the cost guard using your VHF transmission. Coast Guard can locate you when you give them your latitude and long from your GPS. Coast Guard may be able to locate you by triangulating your position from your VHF transmission. It depends on many variables (tower location, boat location, etc).

Before renting a boat in Spain, you should increase your knowledge on what to do before and during your trip to help prevent an emergency. Having knowledge about how to handle the emergency situation is key to making sure your vessel and everyone on board return to shore safely after every trip.