Croatia Discount Boat Rentals- Fishing Along the Adriatic Sea

Croatia offers rich fishing opportunities for the natives as well as for tourists. It is full of such inland water bodies as well as beaches where fishing can be done. For the passionate angler, the Adriatic coast offers a wide variety of fish to be caught and boasted about. Both small and big varieties are available for the anglers. Whether you wish to fish in the fresh waters of the rivers and lakes or you wish to fish in the deep sea, every kind of opportunity is provided by the boat rentals in Croatia. Croatians have a glorious tradition of fishing and hence they are excited to offer tips for angling to the tourists.


Famous Fishing Grounds in Croatia

After you discount rent a boat in Croatia, you have to decide on the fishing itinerary. There are quite a few amazing fishing spots in Croatia. They are:

  • Island of Korcula Fishing

  • Big Game Specialist for Adriatic

  • Losinj Island

You should carry certain objects for fishing while on board like towels, camera, mood, sunscreen and of course the angling equipment. The skipper will take care of the rest along with the angler. Catching and releasing of the fish is also quite a procedure. This is particularly true in case of tuna. Most of the fishes caught remain with the boat owner.

Some of the Species Available

Some of the most available species in the Adriatic Sea include Bukva, Salpa, Gray mullet, usata, Tuna, Frater, Sardela, Spar, Iglun, Ovrata and Trija.

Fishing in the Adriatic Sea is quite an experience The Korcula island is the most popular fishing spot with friends and family. This could be done on a special occasion like birthday, graduation day or on any other common day. In fact, fishing with a gang of anglers could be extremely special. Catching different varieties of fish could be more like an achievement for the angler. Moreover, retaining the fish will always remind you of the journey and the fun you had on the day.

Rent a Boat in Spain and Enjoy the Colourful Festivals

Spain is primarily a summertime destination, but that does not mean, we cannot explore it during the winters. In fact, it offers lot of fun events and festivals during winter months. Rent a boat in Spain and roam around the Spanish waters to be a part of those festivals or events. Span is a nation of parades and they keep celebrating the spirit of life in various ways making it one of the hottest destinations all the year round.


Some of the most popular Spanish festivals include:

  • 3 Kings DayThis is one of the most popular Spanish festivals and celebrated across all the important Spanish destinations. It is steeped in tradition and presents a glimpse of what Spain is made of. Hop out of the boat and be a part of this festival which constitutes elaborate procession on the road and people making merry. This is also termed as the gift-giving festival of Spain.
  • The Arizkun FestivalThis festival takes place in the month of November and is also known as ‘Jumping the Bonfire’. This is a unique festival in which thousands of people gather on the streets to jump on 20+ bonfires. This festival is associated with warding off evil spirits and encourages fertility. In fact, the most interesting part about this festival is that people dress in different types of costumes to take part in this.
  • Sitges Carnival, CataloniaThis is a gay event and is quite famous all round the world. Spain is one of the pioneers in gender equality and it celebrates the movement in a flamboyant manner. The event consists of wild party, drag queen show and many other things which make it colourful to watch. Even if you do not wish to be a part of this event, you can still be a witness to their awesome party.
  • Las Fallas FestivalThis is a festival in Valencia with huge high-tech sculptures. Sometimes these sculptures represent famous personalities which are then burned in huge bonfires. These bonfires conjure a striking sight which is unique to them.

Enjoy, witness and also participate in these Spanish festivals to live life king size. Rent a boat at best price to roam around the place and hop out of the boat to know more about the festivals and celebrate them with fervour along with the natives.

Rent a Boat in Italy and Explore the Divine Capri Islands

Discovering a land through the water route is like discovering yourself. Some people travel because they want to explore the land while some others wish to discover themselves and find the depth of their souls through travelling. No matter which category you are in, travelling by boat on the sea is always amazingly refreshing and enchanting.

Discovering Italian Island on Boat

Renting a boat in Italy is easy because the place is very well connected with its water route and there are several rental agencies which are there to provide the best of vessels to the tourists. Italy is full of beautiful islands, scenic beaches and the best way to savour the beauty of these tourist destinations is by exploring the spot on vessel. The best time to visit the country of architectural splendour is during summer months; particularly if it is the fantabulous Capri Island.


There is a wide range of boats offered for roaming around the Capri Islands on the water route. Motorboats, yachts, Catamaran, Gulets and wooden boats can be booked for the same purpose. Moreover, the vessels can be hired with or without the skipper to enjoy the unforgettable day on azure sea. Demand for boat is high during the summer months and hence it is wise to book well in advance.

Types of Boat Rentals in Italy

To be able to plan the itinerary properly, you must know regarding the different types of boats available. Here are some of the vessels that are often chosen for leisure or fun trips:

  • Catamarans- These are sailboats featuring 2 parallel hulls of equal size providing stability to the vessel more than the single hulled boat. It is medium in size and holds a good number of people.
  • Gulet- This is made of wood and appears traditional. It is either 2 or 3-masted sailing vessel which is basically manufactured in Turkey. Originally used by fishermen, it is used by tourists in the current times.
  • Motor yacht- This is a vessel manufactured and used for the purpose of cruising or racing. Therefore, it is popular among tourists. This is the motor variety of the normal sailing yacht.
  • Sailing yacht- This is the commonest vessel found on sea during a trip. It doesn’t have the capacity to accommodate lot of people but still can hold a few of them.

You can book any of these watercrafts and enjoy your trip to the beautiful island of Capri in Italy. Renting a boat is becoming a common thing among travelers due to the excitement and adventure involved in it.

Ideas to Explore Spain during New Year in a Rented Yacht

Having fun during New Year’s Eve is on everybody’s mind irrespective of the age you belong. What better way to bring in the New Year than rent a boat in Spain and explore the land in style with many of your friends? Spain is a beautiful country with lovely music, lush green landscapes, popular coastlines, delicious food and Spanish dance genres. There is a lot to explore in this country and you can never go wrong with any of your entertainment ideas when you are in Spain. Some of the tourist spots in this country are par excellence.


The best way to explore them is to go around in a Yacht with a gang which is equally enthusiastic about celebrating New Year’s Eve. Some of the loveliest tourist destinations during New Year are:

  • Puerto del Sol, Madrid- this is Spanish capital and is a great place to celebrate the New Year because it never sleeps. Party till the wee hours in the morning and shout at the top of your lungs with thousands of other s right when the clock strikes midnight. It is indeed fun.
  • Place d’Espanya Barcelona- the congregation in front of the Magic Fountain is the culmination of the old year in a traditional as well as modern way. Savouring the taste of grapes and dancing to the music along with fireworks gives a super good feeling which is totally unmatched.
  • Santa Cruz de Tenerife- arrive at Santa Cruz de Tenerife with your gang and Yacht to sip the hot chocolate and warm coffee which are the specialties of this Spanish city. Spend the Eve at Canary Islands on the warm beach and also do some clubbing with your friends.
  • Pamplona- famous for running of the bulls, Pamplona has another side to it which is fantastic to explore.

Celebrate this New Year in style with rented Yacht in Spain.

How to Rent a Boat in Italy & Around for a Splendid Adventure?

Holidaying may sound mere time spending but, rejuvenation and quality moments that it brings along are totally brilliant and incomparable to any other sorts of human activity. A better realization of that can be made if the destination is equally radiant and illuminating. In this context, selecting some beautiful and serene water bodies is always an intelligent option. After all, adventures would get enveloped with some true memoirs that can be cherished for life. Now, how to get in between that exquisiteness and explore the beauty of such water bodies is an obvious query here.  An adept solution to which are the online portals reputed for supplying brilliant boat rental services.


In this context, it needs to be mentioned that, idea to rent a boat in Italy and regions around can also be turned to reality with such internet based venues mentioned that. In being internet based, a true adventure seeker is also viable to several gainful features which are responsible in enhancing the enjoyable facts of such water voyage. Those are:

  • Myriad of options for water vessels
  • All of those are immensely durable and are perfect for real adventure seekers
  • Pocket friendly factors are available too
  • A safer and secured mode of renting
  • Compatible for every occasion and event like: wedding, corporate gathering, voyaging and more
  • Skipper services to make the itinerary truly useful
  • Smoother communication benefits in between boat owners and its renters

Furthermore, there are people in search of party boat rentals to spend some elite time with friends and close ones. Needless to state, even this aspect gets properly fulfilled with the help of online hiring service providers mentioned above. In the end, all one gets adorned with is, true adventure in a most helpful and supportive way which is also affordable.

How to Rent a Boat in Greece from a Dependable Source?

Online service benefits are playing significant role in several segments. Corporate segments to formal occasions, seeking assistance from online service providers are a common factor. Things are similar for travelers and adventure seekers across the globe too. This gets properly portrayed through the increased demand for online car and boat rental facility.

People searching for an appropriate and most reliable mode of renting a boat in Greece or regions around are quiet regular. This may have been grown due to the intense want of exploring beauty and exquisiteness of water bodies. An appropriate mode to get rid of regular monotonousness can also be hold responsible for such an amplified want to settle with online rental solutions for water vessels.


Now, there are numerous other ceremonious attributes that one gets to gain by adopting these online boat rental facilities. First and foremost is obviously the option to settle with an array of choices and options. Obviously, after that comes the benefits to settle with a reliable service solution over where, the payment module is completely secured and protective too. As many of these rental systems are online venue in-between renters and boat owners, an easier communication is assured too.

Hectic life schedule is evident everywhere across the globe. In such situation going out and booking boats or any other water vessels personally, is quite hectic and energy consuming too. How to rent a boat in a most friendly and supportive way? This is one the most searched about factor. Nevertheless, through the functional excellence of rental system mentioned above, all such queries get solved with excellence. These are to mention some of the basic benefits that one can gather through such hiring process mentioned above. Range of other beneficial facts are also there that can be hold responsible in depicting the benefits  that such sorts of online boat rental services providers offers.

Travel-Around Wonders Of France with Online Rent a Yacht Facility

Are you planning a trip? It’s been a long you’ve visited somewhere within your loved ones? Your everyday schedule is not permitting you to spend quality time with your family? It’s high time you take a break from being the busy-bee.   How about a luxurious trip in and around France? Doesn’t that sound amazing?

In the winter, you might want to rest under a blanket.  You could find yourself resting in front of a fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa. But try to think outside the box. In this time of the year, such places take a break from the quiet days of autumn. What if December finds you exploring the corners of France? Nothing could be more amazing than that.


What to do?

You might have decided to visit these wonderful regions by now. You have to know about the fun activities of the place. Some tourists are into continuous search for an effective process to rent a yacht in France. It’s time to wonder about the things to do. Let’s dig a bit deeper into the part.

Why to Opt with Online Boat Rental Services?

Often tourists opt to rent a houseboat while visiting such escapades. The idea is to explore the exquisite water bodies.  One can also rent an electric boat easily. Guess what, one can even be the captain of their own water vessels.  Isn’t it a charming way to explore the wonderful place?

Riding an electric boat is totally fun and safe. The yachts are completely environment friendly. The boats are small in size and you can explore very corners of the canals. They don’t even generate any noise. The most amazing part is that the electricity is taken from renewable sources.

Are you wondering which canals are best to explore? Well the list is quite long. In such situation skipper services delivered by such kind of online renting system is of deft assistance. You can get the entire list from such abiding guidance.

How to Rent?

Here comes the most important question. You must be searching for the best boat renter by now.  Nowadays, everything is possible just with a single tap with your finger. That means you can rent with the help of online portals. There are several online booking sites and each of them claims to be the best.

So how would you find out the best one? Turn to teams capable of creating the biggest yacht rental network.  You can rent a boat from them too. If you own a boat, post your boat on the site and make money by choosing the renters. If you’re a professional skipper, the site can help you grow your business. Users can also make money by operating the clearing, check-in and check-out process.