Why Water Sports are the Best Form of Exercise

Different types of water sports and activities are very popular all around Croatia. Water sports enable you to breathe in fresh air and be one with nature. It has become one of the premier physical activities in Croatia, and a good way to remain fit and healthy. Generally, water-related activities take place in the midst of spectacular surroundings.

It works like a magic to relieve stress and calm down the mind. Keeping close with water keeps you from fatiguing that makes it possible to carry out the exercise for a long period of time. It is a clever decision to rent a boat in Croatia and indulge in water sports.

Here is a list of water sports that work best for your health


Few exercises provide the entertainment range of kayaking. It is a very rewarding water sport and is a great way to relieve stress whilst offering fitness benefits at the same time. The basic skills can be learned in a day or so. Here are the primary benefits of kayaking:

  • Weight loss

  • Upper body workout

  • Builds positive self-image

  • Strong and fitter body



Croatia has a huge coastline, with many surf beaches. The best part about surfing for exercise is that unknowingly you spend hours exercising, and still craving for more. Surfing is a fun and challenging activity that engages both the mind and body. Benefits related to surfing are:

  • Better sleep

  • Cardiovascular and heart health

  • Alleviates pressure on the joints

  • Relieves stress and decreases anxiety

Stand Up Paddle Boarding-

SUP or stand-up paddle boarding has exploded in popularity over the last couple of years. You stand on a long board and use a paddle to propel yourself across the surface of the water. This fairly new activity has quite some benefits:

  • Improves balance

  • Full body workout

  • Strengthens your core muscles

  • Helps to burn calorie

Indulging in water sports not only keeps you tanned, toned and fit but it also has a lot of health benefits associated with it. It lifts your spirit up, sets you in a good mood and keeps you refreshingly energized.