The Most Popular Water Sports across the Globe Providing Adrenaline Rush

Adventure sports related to water or water sports have always incited lot of excitement among enthusiastic travellers. There are travellers who enjoy leisure travelling and then there are travellers who enjoy adventure travelling. For the ones that come under the second category, it is an exclusive feeling to be able to taste the water in different ways. Here are some of the commonest and popular water sports that are practised all around the world by enthusiasts.

Jet Skiing

Jet Skiing is a fun water sports which ideally blends the thrill of speed with great workout. Feel your racing pulse while crossing the ocean on a Jet Ski. It is quite a simple sport but uses all the muscles of the body. You can either sit or stand on the Jet Ski as you navigate the waters and float on the waves. It is perfect for the summer months and provides a great view of the ocean. So, ride the waves and feel the rush on a Jet Ski!

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is one of the commonest and most popular water sports which has been tried by several enthusiasts all across the globe. It is basically underwater diving with a self-contained underwater breathing apparatus to support the diver in the deep sea. It is one of the most beautiful experiences as you can discover the marine world by diving deep into the ocean. You can savour the beauty, the rhythm and the balance of the marine world through this sport. To some, it is almost like underwater meditation.

Cave Diving

This is one of the most mysterious and alluring water sports which the hardcore water sport enthusiasts practice. It gives you the thrill to discover an underwater cave along with scuba diving. It is dangerous and should not be done without the assistance of a professional. There are quite a few spots around the world where this is practised, but taking precaution during it is mandatory. Avoid accident yet enjoy the adrenaline rush or the chill down the spine inside a cave.


Snorkeling is arguably the easiest of underwater sports and people of all ages can try this at some point. It is your chance to experience the fascinating new water world with all its diversities. Snorkeling is done with the help of a diving mask and a shaped breathing tube which is known as a snorkel and thus snorkeling, the name. Swimfins are provided to the diver which makes one appear like a fish. It is easy, fun and just right for the beginners.

Water Skiing

Water Skiing is a surface water sport and its great fun always. The individual indulging in it is pulled behind a boat with the help of a tough cable over a water body. While you are being pulled at it, you will skim through the water at great speed. Some people do it on a single ski while others do it on double skis. That is amazing!

Whitewater Canoeing

Whitewater canoeing is a major fun sport related to water. It is done on rough waters and is known as a sport of paddling. It is all about rowing a canoe on white rolling water, especially a river. You will have the time of your life once you have canoed through white waters. It is dangerous, fun, addictive and of course pacy. It is basically done on rapids and offers a fantastic roller coaster ride kind of experience to the enthusiast.


Parasailing is a fun activity which is practised on various beaches across the world. It is also known as parakiting and parascending where an individual is towed behind a boat attached to a especially designed canopy wing which resembles a parachute. It is absolute fun where you feel the excitement of water sports combined with that of air sports.


A popular sport, flyboarding is done all around the world by water sport enthusiasts. It is great to flyboard as well as amazing to watch the individual doing it. The boards are propelled into the air through pressurised stream of water which makes it quite a sight. This popular sport has been used in famous movies as well. A lot of people show various kinds of tricks while flyboarding.


Windsurfing is one of the oldest water sports which is performed on the surface. This sport combines the elements of sailing and surfing obviously doubling the fun involved in it. In fact, windsurfing is so popular that competitions are held among windsurfers on an international scale.


Waterboarding is considered to be an extreme water sport which is not practised by novices or even intermediates. It is usually practised by pros on the Middle Eastern beaches. A board is used to glide through the dangerous waves of rolling water. It is obviously dangerous but at the same time provides an adrenaline rush like none other. It is, in fact, extreme fun but only for a restricted few.

Water Rafting

Water Rafting is a common water sport which is less dangerous than the others and is perfect for beginners. Rowers will be on board an inflatable raft which is navigated through a water body or a cascade. Generally done on white waters, it is also done on black waters inside caves. The challenges can be increased or removed according to the desire of the enthusiasts.

These are the most popular water sports practised all around the world with different degree of fun and challenges. These are fantastic to practice and are practised at varying degrees all around the world.


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